Creating a natural and appealing look for your website is essential to develop a soothing and convenient user experience. Drop shadow service can help create a natural and aesthetically pleasing catalog for your website.


What Is Drop Shadow Service?


Drop shadow services are intended to give your images a polished appearance and are used to give your shots a natural feel. We can make your photographs beautiful and create the exact effect you want. Our team can emphasize any feature of your images to draw attention to a particular item or person.


Varieties Of Shadow


Natural Shadow.

The natural shadow, as the name implies, preserves the originality of the image by introducing nothing unnatural. However, removing the background while editing will erase the shadow that naturally appeared in the picture. An image editor manually builds it and optimizes the opacity and transparency to give it a realistic appearance.


Floating shadows or reflections

We use it when we want the object to appear to be placed on a clean surface, such as glass. We perceive a projection of the product in this effect as if we were looking in a mirror. This approach can be used to display jewelry, watches, and other things shown on glass or a clean surface.


Drop shadow

Drop shadow provides the image with a realistic appearance, as though the subject is flying just above the shadow behind it. It is a one-of-a-kind shadow method that depicts the product in direct sunlight from the top. It is the best shadow effect for showing eCommerce merchandise when compared to other methods.


Castaway Shadow

A slanted shadow descends behind an item when we shine a light on it. It’s known as the castaway shadow. This effect is useful for generating a lifelike shadow of a person or a large item. We can add castaways in Photoshop.


When To Use Drop Shadow Service


  • The image gets flat after removing the backdrop with a clipping path. We need to add a curled or bent drop shadow to the image to make it more alive.
  • If the color of the item and the backdrop become too similar, utilizing this service is an excellent way to distinguish them. It brings the object to life.
  • You must maintain consistency when submitting product photographs for presentation in your e-commerce shop. Correctly applied shadows, such as a box or curved shadow, will suffice.
  • Applying this effect can sometimes modify the context of the shot to suit the photographer’s intended goal.
  • This effect may be necessary if you wish to maintain the original shadow during post-production.


Benefits of Using Drop Shadow Service

  • It provides the product image with a more natural appearance. When you remove the background from an image, the natural shadow disappears. As a result, employing this service makes the image more realistic.
  • An online shop owner uses images to highlight their merchandise. A realistic picture with adequate shadow enhances click-through rate and, as a result, sales.
  • This method is also helpful for offline product display. If you’re making a product catalog for customers, adding some shadows will give it a more realistic look and increase customer interest. As a result, this service is critical for both online and physical enterprises.


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