One or more straight or curved segments make up a path. The path segments’ ends are indicated by anchor points. Each chosen anchor point on curved segments shows one or two direction lines that end in direction points. Size and shape of a curved segment are determined by tCChe locations of direction lines and points. Rearranging these components alters the path’s curvature. The curved segments on both sides of a smooth point are simultaneously modified when a direction line is moved on the point. In contrast, only the curve on the direction line’s side of a corner point is altered when a direction line is moved there.

A path need not consist of a single, continuous line of segments. It may have multiple different and independent path components. According to the layer’s clipping path, each shape in a shape layer is a component of a path.

Path editing is considerably superior to raster data editing, especially when it comes to scaling issues. Why not make a path out of a raster shape if it is simple enough? Choose your form. Make Work Path… can be chosen from the flyout menu in the Paths palette, or you can use the Option key to click the button labelled “Make work path from selection” at the bottom of the palette. Decide how much tolerance you need based on how intricate your shape is; the simpler the shape, the more tolerance you need. Select OK. Although pixel to path conversion is not an exact science, you can successfully reproduce the original geometry with little manual cleanup.

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