The images are the strength of any product selling. The good photo is good at catching the maximum eyes of the customers, in result the photos has to be the best. The photographs click the best capture of the product and the finishing is required. One of the finishing methods is Photoshop which offers five methods of masking

  1. Pixel Mask
  2. Vector Masks,
  3. Quick Masks,
  4. Clipping Masks and
  5. Clipping Paths

The mask methods help in giving the best photograph defining the pixel opacities without harming the original image.

Pixel marks – It focuses on the opacity values based on a raster image with the values of grayscale that are corresponding to the pixel to the original layer. This is ideal for masking of the complex photographic imagery. The ability to the variation of the opacities is unique to the pixel marks making them an invaluable tool. The pixel masks can easily be modified, and are not ideal for every situation. The raster images can cause the unwanted artifacts and the blurriness.

Vector Masks – It picks up at the place where the pixel masks fall short. The vector masks provide a finesse and flexibility level. They are perfect for defining the shapes with the clean and crisp lines.

Quick Masks – This mask allow creating a selection using the pixel editing tools as opposed to the selection of the tools. It is a logical approach of mask for creating the complex mask with the variable opacity.

Clipping Masks – Some images require the multiple layer of correction the groups can be layered in the group but not the ideal one. This mask is helpful for the adjustment of layers by clipping them to layer by layer.

Clipping Path – They are similar to the vector masks and is applied to the entire document than the layer group. This is done by the print designers for the specification of the differently shaped objects that are imported for the layout of program.

Where to get the masking done? understands the demands tremendous skill and headwork. Moreover, you should also keep in mind the fact that high-quality image masking often fails to accommodate your budget.

  • Cheapest Rate, Worst Quality, Business Destruction
  • High Rate, Good Quality, Fails Budget

High-Quality Photo Masking Services

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Therefore, we can be the real solution for your image masking issues. To gain your trust, we offer various facilities which include-

  • 100% Quality Check for Each Image Masking
  • Effective Revisions to Satisfy your demand
  • Money back Guarantee in dissatisfactory
  • Customer Service and Complaints Section

Due to continuous research and knowledge updates, we know that people of modern times love the transparent background of an object. Amateur photographs need complete satisfaction from their clients at a reasonable budget.

Therefore, it is very challenging for them to make a photo session for months. We know good theme shooting is important than background and lighting. We take the responsibility of the background and light on us by offering the affordable image masking service to our clients.

Clipping Choice can mask the picture to your desired level of satisfaction. We offer our services for the image of a product that has clear borders like furry toys, hairy models, woolen clothes, muslin, siphon, etc.