You’re used to providing gorgeous photographs for your clients as a freelance photographer. However, you are well aware that your effort does not end when you push the shutter button. Clients nowadays want photographs to be properly polished and extensively manipulated.

Photo editing is a necessary element of the profession for certain photographers. For others, it’s a pointless, time-consuming chore they’d rather avoid.

Guess what? If you adore altering images, you’re in luck. That can be turned into an upsell. When you properly set up your picture editing services, you may not even need to shoot anymore – you may be able to make a living as a photo editor without even owning a camera.

Photo editing services are gradually becoming one of the most outsourced operations in the industry in today’s competitive marketplace, where photographs have the capacity to represent a brand or a business. The general public is becoming increasingly image-centric, and they are more likely to respond to visual cues, making high-quality images a great tool for building a brand and increasing sales. This is where professional photo editing services may help.

How much to charge to edit photos?

Let’s start by defining “editing.” There are numerous methods for editing a photograph, each requiring a different amount of time, talent, and knowledge.

Simple photo editing entails making little adjustments to the image, such as color correction or horizon straightening.

Then there’s photo retouching, which involves finer details like eliminating glare from glass or extending the image’s background.

Finally, there’s photo editing that’s unique to you. This can involve things like adjusting an item’s color, smoothing up wrinkles, or even changing the background. Retouching at this level might take anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours for each image!


Let’s suppose we’re talking about the half in this post — more than just exposure and cropping modifications, but not full beauty retouching. We’ll also assume you’re simply pricing editing and not the session or the use of the photographs.

There are a couple of different ways to determine your editing rates when it comes to pricing. Some photographers or editors utilize intricate formulas, but for the most part, determining editing fees comes down to three options: hourly, project-based, and image-based. Each strategy has advantages and disadvantages.

Outsourcing a portion (or all) of the editing to a trustworthy organization is one approach to accomplish this. While this costs money, certain fundamental adjustments are inexpensive enough that the time saved compensates for it. This allows you to complete the final edits on your own before returning the image set to your client.

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