The photographs are clicked with multiple shutters capturing every possible moment. But sometimes the clarity of the pictures is not there as per the requirements. The photo editing or the clipping path or the masking is used. The clipping path and masking are mostly used for the brands in print advertisements and the picture has to show all the details of the product. For example, any photograph of food brand.  

Clipping Path and Masking

As both the clipping path and the image masking serve almost the same purpose in image editing services, what is the difference? 

Think of a clipping path as a “hard mask” where the clipping object removed is a shape without any transparent or opaque pixels showing through. A mask consists of a shape or image where each pixel has varying degrees of transparency and opaqueness that can peer through, or hide portions in a very subtle fashion.

From their definition and working techniques, we can already understand their most substantial areas, what they can achieve, and where they lag. The method of removing background from images is different for both the clipping path and image masking technique. Clipping path uses a pen tool to create paths around the object that you want to remove. Photoshop image masking uses a background eraser tool, a magic eraser tool, and color separation for background removal.

You can remove the background of any complex images with multiple curves and edges using the clipping path in Photoshop, but the result will not be so accurate and satisfactory. 


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