The image editing does not end with the changes made in photo, it is beyond that. The image clicked is the first step to use any rectification. 

Raster images

The image that is present when the scanning or photography of an object is done is known as the raster images. The images which are compiled using the pixels colour and the tone combination are used to create the image. The raster images are the images based on pixels. The raster image is not easy to modify without losing the information, there are software like GIF, JPEG files, etc. available that convert the image into the vector file. 

The conversion of the raster image to the vector image is helpful as it helps to avoid many issues. The vector files are independent whereas the raster files are pixel made. The conversion even helps in the widening of the data application and the degradation of the data. 

Vector images

The image or the artwork made with the vector illustrations software like Adobe illustrator to create an image. The vector artwork is created with the mathematical formulas. The images are scalable and are perfect for the logos, geometric designs and the typography. The vector images take up less file space than the raster files. The advantage for vector images are it can be edited easily.

Where to get the changes done?

 The image changes are required for the better result. The vector images are easily changed due to it’s the mathematical properties. never fails to astonish you and provide you the best result required.


As you know, the basic of the raster image and the vector image even the requirement of the changes of the image. Let us know further from our point – 

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This discussion represents a raster image on a scalable smart object. You can also modify this vector, recolor arbitrary. There is no bound to customize. So it’s now fully clear that the conversion from vector to raster image is super easy. 

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