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Drop shadow means make a shadow for the original image for increasing the natural beauty. Mainly shadow is shown behind or beside the image depend on the sun or light.

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 Drop shadow is one kind of clipping path Image shadow creation service is retain the versatility of the product images. There are four types of shadow:    1. Drop shadow   2. Soft shadow  3. Reflection shadow  4. Original shadow


In this type of drop shadow services, the shadow will be shown under the image with a white background and make it more attractive.

Mainly this type is referred to as drop shadow but there has some difference like the length of shadow on drop shadow length of the shadow will be bigger than a soft shadow

Reflection shadow means the reflection of an image in the mirror. Best example is when you stand in front of a mirror then you will see your reflected image in the mirror that is the real reflection. Reflection shadow also called as mirror shadow.

Full image shadow will be shown by an effect of light .as it is made by the effect of light. So it can be called a natural shadow.


For better understanding, we are giving an example like you have shoe images for your online store but it’s not professional by use of drop shadow it will get customer attraction easily and its professional view.

Pricing for drop shadow illustrator services

We are giving this drop shadow services at a reasonable price and the basic price for each image but price mainly depends on image complexity. Beside of this service we are also offering clipping path, photo masking, image manipulation, background remove, raster to vector conversion and photo retouching service for better photo editing of your images. We are offering a special discount for majority images.

Photoshop shadow effect Service

If you want to increase or improve your products impression of vitality and attraction, then you can try our Photoshop shadow effect service. Some of our product photos may have natural shadows. You can retain the shadow by applying this service. You can get our shadow creating service at any time when you want. The Clipping choice can ensure the quality of our work. Our expert team always try to do the best. Our professional graphic designers are editing thousands of images every day. We are giving the quickest delivery system. Our service charges are quite reasonable too including this our company provides some other photo editing services like image masking, retouching, ghost mannequin service etc. any type of services you want.

Recently, we are providing our services to photographers, studios, e-commerce agents, wholesalers, web-developers etc. If you want the best services, stop worrying and start working with us. It will be a wise decision. We can give you the guarantee of the great result of our service.


Reflection shadow is used for such objects which background plate reflects in the tail area by duplicating the layer, designers create reflections effect. For thisthe depth of the items is increased. Customers can easily see countless images that use reflection shadow to improve the images charisma.

In many images, the background surface cannot reflect. These kinds of images need a 3D look, which can easily attract customers to buy your product from a website. Anyone can understand the huge difference when they see the examples of this type of shadow works.

This type of shadow can be created by using Photoshop layer option. So that, the designers have to remove the real background by putting a fake background there. When we do this kind of work, the image glows nicely and it will be more professional.

When products shadow looks dull thus the image looks unrealistic. Our designers use the best techniques to retain the real shadow of a product or your images. It is important to maintain color combinations and suitable shape and sizes of the images.

Drop shadow service can be defined in various ways. Such as in Photoshop graphic design drop shadow is a creative visual effect consists of drawing which looks like a shadow of an image object when showing an impression of the object behind itself. Whereas, drop shadow is a system of adding a grey and black shadow under the main layer of an image.

There are lots of things that we need to be kept in mind before creating a drop shadow for any image. It is very important to maintain the proportion properly between and the shadow & the main image. These shadows must be related to the original image. In order to develop the realistic, naturalistic and professional view of an image this is a very essential service for any customer.

Also, it is important to create drop shadows of all objects in the similar direction of the glow of an image. Only the professionals are able to complete all these things and apply it over an image. The obscurity of this job is lessening when the editor can understand that there is a direct connection between the background, a distance of the color of the applied shadow and the image.


This service is now very popular for artistic and its universal appeal. The global photo design community uses the drop shadow service to enhance texture and the deepness .There are many more reasons which is mentioned below:

natarul shadow image and clipping path service provider company in Denmark


Clipping Choice has remarkable experiences of handling particular drop shadow service in Queens Village New York effectively. Our editing team is always concerned about providing the most excellent shadow. Sometimes it is related with clipping path service to smooth the image. A high-quality drop shadow is marked with the capability & a simple surface of the real or actual look. It is necessary that the background has an accurate image as this effect requires to be created above the lower background. So they need to modify the background to fit its feature. An experienced editor can edit if the background may improve the appearance of the outline. The use of softening and blend features include to the main Clipping Choice therefore with their drop shadow services in Queens Village New York has a remarkable experience with their clients.

So, different types of drop shadow creating service can be measured by manipulating the entire features. If you chose us for creating drop shadow, we offer a cheaper rate than any other outsourcing image editing companies in the world. The essence of the image element in the edge.

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