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Hair masking techniques

Hair Masking Techniques A to Z (Part 1)

The most messy and difficult job needs to be done in image masking is hair masking. Sometimes the models have messy hair all over the frame it becomes tough to do the right hairdo to make it look natural as the real one!

No worries Amigos! Here we are for you and today we will show you how to mask hair and change background very easily and effectively! In a little time and effort your hair masking techniques will look better than ever.

So let’s start.

There are tons of ways of masking hair. But this is the best and effective way you will get navigating the whole internet. No matter how difficult the hair is, no matter how messy, no matter how blown away it is you can easily change the background at any time. The little if behind is if provided that your background is gray. Which tells you a whole new story whenever you’re shooting and you have a plan that you put the subject in a composite I’ll make composite of it, shoot it in that way. Try to keep the background as such that it becomes easy for Photoshop to determine, select and extract the subject out of it right.

So, here we are the mystical world of Photoshop and before we jump straight in we need to understand how this works because that’s major.

Now, we have overemphasized and emphasize this overlays such a blend mode deletes everything which is 50% great it makes everything invisible which is 50% gray. Now keep that in mind for now. Think of it like this, open your Photoshop and take a subject which has a gray background. Now, if you place the background which you want to actually put behind the subject above it into another layer and change the blend to overlay watch perfectly it covers up the background how is it doing that!

Overlay is deleting everything which is 50% gray from this image. And Those 50% gray which is missing from this is being filled up by the 50% gray of the other layer and only in those areas which are the background because you shot in a gray background. Make sense?

Therefore it’s very essential to keep in mind the background while shooting if you’re planning it composite afterward.

So, here ends our first class of hair masking stay tuned till we cover up every tiny detail about hair masking in overlays in our next tutorial. And meanwhile, visit our website and place an order of your required masking packages at the lowest discounted price!

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